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Part-Time Pianist/Accompanist or Music Minister

Freedom Baptist Church of Hamilton, Ohio is seeking a part time church pianist/accompanist (or Music Minister). Candidates must have a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a personal relationship with Him. Candidates must be passionate about serving in worship services. Candidate must affirm the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 and agree to the Freedom Baptist Church Articles of Faith and Constitution.


Principal Function: Accompany the worship leader through instrumentals (piano, etc.) to aid in providing a comprehensive music ministry of the church.


  • Provide music to accompany worship leader and congregational singing in regular worship services. (Sunday morning and potentially Wednesday evening services)
  • Provide music for special services (Lord’s Supper, Revivals, Dedications, Easter, Christmas, etc…)
  • Work in conjunction with worship leader to plan and prepare for worship services.

Pianist/Accompanist will report to the worship leader and Pastor for instruction of their duties.


Music Minister

Principal Function: Assist the Church in planning, conducting, and evaluating, a comprehensive music ministry.


  • Direct the planning, coordination, operation, and evaluation of a comprehensive

music ministry of the Church.

  • Be capable of providing instrumentals to accompany leading the worship service.
  • Coordinate the Church music ministry with the calendar and emphasis of the Church.
  • Assist the Pastor in planning congregational services of the Church and selection of the music for revivals and all scheduled worship services.
  • Be aware of weddings and funerals to be held in the church; be available for counsel and arrange and provide music for special projects, ministries, and other church-related activities in cooperation with the appropriate individuals or groups when called upon (depending upon availability due to work schedule).
  • Assist music groups and congregational singing.
  • Coordinate the performance schedules of music groups and individuals in the functions of the Church, including outside groups for revivals.
  • Be able to lead a mixture of both contemporary and traditional music.
  • Coordinate the training and use of instrumentalists and vocalists in groups or as individuals.
  • The Minister/Director of Music shall be expected to maintain discretion about Church business and privileged information.
  • Practice empathy and Church ethics in the light of God’s Word.
  • Coordinate a weekly “order of service” in cooperation with the Pastor.

Music Minister will report to the Pastor for instruction of their duties.

Music Minister position shall be filled by a man only.

This is a part time position. Pay will be discussed at interview. Please send resumes to Pastor Jake Day at and identify which position you’re applying for.

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